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darshbhatt (Gast)
06.06.2022 08:56 (UTC)[quote]
Data science is an interdisciplinary approach to obtaining useful insights from today's businesses' massive and ever-increasing amounts of data. Preparing data for analysis and processing, undertaking sophisticated data analysis, and presenting the findings to expose trends and allow stakeholders to make educated decisions are all part of data science.

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jim4422 (Gast)
10.08.2022 13:23 (UTC)[quote]
When implemented properly, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) allows businesses to convert products, services, and processes by automating greatly what is done manually by engineering teams. <a href="">machine learning</a>
geraldehawkins (Gast)
27.09.2022 13:26 (UTC)[quote]
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Re: What is the definition of data science? (Gast)
29.12.2022 10:51 (UTC)[quote]
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Rosanna Jacobs (Gast)
13.04.2023 10:11 (UTC)[quote]
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